Why My Jeep Cherokee Won’t Start

If your Jeep Cherokee doesn’t start, there could be various problems. The most common problems are problems with the battery, starter, or spark plug. However, there are many other causes of Jeep’s failure to start. Read on for tips to help you fix your Jeep’s problem.

Problems with PCM

If you’re experiencing problems with your Jeep Cherokee’s PCM, you should have your engine checked by a professional. While this may cost a few dollars, it will be worth it when your car doesn’t start or run right. A faulty PCM can cause other problems with your car’s engine.

The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is complex computer hardware that monitors your vehicle’s essential functions. It regulates the air-to-gas ratio, ignition timing, and many other systems to provide optimum performance. In case of a faulty PCM, you’ll notice that your fuel efficiency goes down, the engine will fail emission inspection, and it may be challenging to start the vehicle. It can also cause rapid wear and tear of vital engine components.


If you cannot start your vehicle or your brakes feel locked, you might have a problem with your vehicle’s sensors. A damaged wire or corroded connector can cause this problem. To properly diagnose this issue, you should physically inspect the sensors and their wiring. If your vehicle doesn’t respond to brake pedal pressure, you may need to refill your brake fluid reservoir.

This issue may be caused by corrosion, vibration, or thermal stress. Because the sensors are comprised of sensitive measuring elements and moving parts, they are subject to wear and corrosion. If you cannot diagnose this issue yourself, a trusted mechanic can help you. A diagnostic tool called an OBDII scan tool can help determine which sensors are faulty.

Bad/ disconnected/ misadjusted brake switch

If the Jeep Cherokee doesn’t start, there may be a problem with the brake switch. There are three contacts in the brake switch – a starter contact, a braking contact, and a brake light contact. If any of these contacts aren’t working, you can check the button by operating it manually to loosen the switch and re-establish an electrical connection.

This issue can also affect the Cherokee’s accessories. In particular, a bad brake switch can disable the radio and dome lights. It could also affect climate control and rear defrost. In addition, a misadjusted brake switch can stall the car and cause injuries. If you’re experiencing this problem, it’s essential to find it immediately.


When you’re having trouble starting your Jeep Cherokee, one of the most common problems is corrosion on the contacts on the battery. This leads to a weakened connection between the battery and the terminals, reducing the amount of current that can flow through them. This leads to a failed engine start. A simple solution is to clean out the contacts.

The problem can occur anytime, even while driving down the highway. If you have this issue, you should take it to the nearest repair shop as soon as possible. It’s essential to ensure you’re safe while driving, as it can make your Jeep unusable.

Thermal stress

If your Jeep Cherokee doesn’t start, it might be due to a defect in the car’s powertrain. A faulty powertrain can cause loss of power, rough running, and knocking noise. It’s not a good idea to drive a vehicle that doesn’t have a reliable powertrain.

First, try starting your Jeep in neutral. This may solve the problem. If the problem persists, it could be the starter motor or a faulty battery. In this case, you’ll need to check the voltage of your battery with a voltmeter with a load function. If the voltages are in the proper range, the solenoid may be able to engage. Otherwise, you’ll need to take your Jeep to a workshop or breakdown service to get it fixed.


The brake pedal is likely locked if your Jeep Cherokee won’t start. To activate the braking system, you must press the brake pedal firmly. If you cannot activate the system, you must take it to a qualified mechanic.

Another possible cause is a bad brake switch. The brake switch has three contacts: start, brake, and lights. If the start contacts are locked, the brake switch is malfunctioning. You can try manually operating the button to loosen it or re-make the poor electrical connection. In addition, if the key fob is dead, the vehicle may not be able to start.

Checking the battery cables

If your Jeep Cherokee doesn’t start, you may need to check the battery cables. These cables connect the battery to the load and charger. They look like giant metal clips marked with positive and negative signs. If the wires are dirty, they may interfere with power flow, affecting your Jeep’s ability to start.

If the brake pedal does not work, the problem could be with the brake pedal or the control module. Pushing the brake pedal down forcefully can register it as engaged and allow the vehicle to start.