Upgrade Your Jeep Spare Tire Brake Light

Upgrade Your Jeep Spare Tire Brake Light

If you’re looking to upgrade your jeep spare tire brake light, there are several options available. The Xprite Typhoon Series Dual Ring Spare Tire Brake Light is one such option. It features bright Red LEDs for outstanding visibility and style. This light requires no wiring modifications and can be installed using your stock 3rd brake plug. Just make sure the wheel ID is at least 15 inches.

XKGLOW spare tire brake light

The XKGLOW spare tire brake light for the Jeep Wrangler offers great look and added safety. The smoked lens and 384 ulta bright LEDs illuminate the entire surface and spokes of your spare tire. It also has integrated sequential turn signals, reverse mode, and running and brake lights. The LEDs emit ultra-bright white light. This accessory is required for the Jeep JL and JT models with halogen tail lights or without tow package.

Easy installation

A simple yet effective way to enhance the safety of your Jeep Wrangler is to install a spare tire brake light. A spare tire brake light will illuminate your spare tire when you apply the brakes, warning other drivers that you’re about to stop. The YourLEDURe Spare Tire Brake Light is made of durable materials to withstand the elements, and it can be installed easily using the stock spare tire mount.

The Jeep spare tire brake light comes with an automotive-grade ABS plastic housing. The mounting brackets are simple to install, and the light’s wiring can be easily connected to your vehicle’s existing wiring. The LED spare tire brake light is made with 180 high-quality LEDs and a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Installation is as easy as installing a third brake light.

There are many things to consider before purchasing a spare tire brake light. First, make sure you choose one that is bright enough to be seen. Second, check if it is compatible with the third brake light on your vehicle. This light is mounted on the rear window of your vehicle to serve as a warning to other drivers.

LEDs illuminate entire surface

If you’re looking to add extra safety to your Jeep Wrangler’s spare tire, LEDs are a great choice. These lights are built to withstand vibration and are perfect for a jackknife or wreck. Whether your Jeep is equipped with factory or aftermarket lights, LEDs provide a seamless upgrade.

Besides being eye-catching, LEDs also provide a brighter brake light than halogen bulbs. You will be more visible when driving in any type of weather, which is a huge plus. LEDs illuminate the entire surface of a Jeep spare tire brake light, making it more functional than your previous halogen ones.

A 5-watt LED brake light is available for the 2007-2017 JK Wrangler Jeep. It is designed to fit on a durable mounting plate and features a black surface finish. The brake light can be easily installed onto your spare tire on the rear tailgate. The LEDs are made to last up to 30K hours, and installation is simple and quick.

Xprite Typhoon Series Dual Ring Spare Tire Brake Light

The Xprite Typhoon Series Dual-Ring Jeep Spare Tire Brake Light is a simple and effective way to add extra visibility to your vehicle’s spare tire. It is designed to work with your existing Jeep Wrangler’s brake light harness and features 150 ultra-bright LEDs. It also has a long lifespan of 30,000 hours and is waterproof. Compatible with most 15″-20″ rim diameters, it is a versatile way to add safety and visibility to your vehicle.

The Xprite Typhoon Series Dual-Ring Jeep Spare Tire Brake Light’s compact design and dual-ring mounting design will add increased visibility on the road. The LEDs inside this unit are bright and have a low heat output. The light will be waterproof, so it won’t damage your vehicle’s paint or rusty body.

It’s important to purchase a quality spare tire brake light for your vehicle. The right one should provide enough illumination for other drivers. It should also be durable, weather-proof, and easy to install.