Upgrade Your Jeep JK With a Big Brake Kit

Upgrade Your Jeep JK With a Big Brake Kit

A jeep jk big brake kit is designed to improve the stopping power of a modified vehicle. Although Jeeps were built with powerful brakes, modifications add weight to the rolling mass, making it harder to stop. The addition of a big brake kit can improve stopping power and prevent a Jeep from hitting something on the road.


If you’re interested in upgrading the brakes on your Jeep JK, you can try the Callahan Jeep JK big brake kit. This kit is designed for wide-body vehicles, and is designed to work with ceramic brake pads and stainless steel hardware. It will help you stop quickly and safely, and will increase the overall performance of your Jeep.

Although the Callahan brand is not one of the best known in the United States, it can be highly recommended for its performance and value. Callahan’s kit eliminates brake dust, increases caliper longevity, and gives you a more smooth ride. You can’t go wrong with this kit!

In addition to providing superior braking performance, this kit also features a carbon-fiber ceramic cover that reduces brake dust and noise. The brake pads are also designed to fit properly and give you confidence in your braking performance. Its premium-quality parts have been thoroughly inspected and are ready for installation. The calipers feature brand-new components and come with a one-year manufacturer warranty.


The TeraFlex Jeep JK Big Brake Kit is a vital upgrade for the JK Wrangler and JKU Wrangler Unlimited models with heavy tires and oversized wheels. This kit allows drivers to replace the front brakes with larger rotors that are more effective at dissipating heat. To install this kit, vehicles must have at least 17-inch wheels with the correct diameter.

This kit also includes new front brake pads and rotors. The new front brake pads and rotors must be bed-in properly. This process involves a gradual build-up of heat that lays down a thin transfer film on the rotor surface. Proper bed-in procedures ensure a smooth transfer film and minimize brake judder.

The TeraFlex Jeep JK Big Brake Kit comes with new rotors and calipers. This kit is specifically designed to fit 17-inch wheels. It comes with new brake pads and anchor brackets for mounting the rotors. The new rotors are also available in vented, drilled, and slotted designs.

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If you’re looking for an upgrade from your stock Jeep JK brakes, consider getting a TeraFlex front JK big brake kit. Designed to handle increased braking requirements that come with larger wheels, this kit includes an oversize twin-piston caliper and 13.3-inch vented rotors. The caliper features increased clamping force and a larger surface area for better heat dissipation. It also features a dual wheel bolt pattern for versatility and a premium e-coat finish to resist rust.

Designed for Jeep JK models, these brake kits are made of durable materials to withstand heat, rust, and wear. The remanufactured calipers are also designed with brand new components and come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Designed to increase brake rotor size by 20 percent over factory Jeep Wrangler JK brakes, this kit also features stainless steel braided brake hoses for easy installation. The included Z36 carbon-fiber ceramic hybrid brake pads provide the best braking performance without fading. The kit requires 17″ or larger wheels.