Third Brake Light For Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler Brake Light Leaks

You may leak into the brake lines if you’ve noticed a flashing Jeep Wrangler brake light. Leaks can affect the brake master cylinder and wheel cylinders, which could lead to your Jeep Wrangler flashing the brake light. Here are some things to check to determine if a leak is a cause.

Fixing a faulty brake light switch

If you are having trouble braking your Jeep Wrangler, you may have a faulty brake light switch. These switches are found in the driver’s footwell near the brake pedal. They are typically equipped with a one-way or two-way control that connects to the vehicle’s wiring. In addition, each switch is fitted with a rod or button that you can manually press and extend to turn the brake light on or off.

You must first disassemble the controller to replace a faulty Jeep Wrangler brake switch. The switch is a two-way mechanism near the brake pedal and completes the circuit within the car’s electrical system. To remove the button:

  1. Disconnect the pigtail harness from the switch. You can then keep the mounting hardware to reuse later.
  2. If the faulty switch is an older style, use a socket wrench to unscrew the switch’s bolts and pull it out of its socket.
  3. Disconnect the wiring connector from the controller.

After you have removed the switch, use an ohmmeter to test its operation. It checks the continuity between terminal pins. Make sure to disconnect the harness before attempting to push the switch’s operation. Once disconnected, attach the test leads to pins 1 and 2 on the button.

Checking brake pad condition

If you’re concerned that your Jeep Wrangler’s brake pads may be too worn, you should check them out. These pads should be replaced if they’re completely worn out. To check the condition of the brake pads, you can pull the hood and open the caliper.

Depending on the driving you do, your brakes can wear out in a short amount of time. If you drive your Jeep Wrangler a lot, consider replacing them every few hundred miles. If you need help with how often to replace them, refer to the maintenance schedule that came with your vehicle.

First, look at the thickness of the brake pads. If they’re thin, they need to be replaced. The consistency should be between one and four millimeters.

Choosing a new brake light

A new brake light bulb can significantly impact the appearance and function of your Jeep Wrangler. These lights are required by law and essential to your vehicle’s safety. Your factory brake lights use an incandescent bulb which takes a moment to turn on, but a modern LED upgrade will provide an instant response. Not only that, but an LED brake light will also give your Jeep a much more modern look. As with any other component, the brake light bulb should be replaced whenever it wears out or burns out.

If your vehicle doesn’t have this part, you may need to purchase one specifically designed for the JK model. The JK brake light is intended to be visible above the vehicle’s 5th wheel. But since many drivers will upgrade their wheels, this can obscure the third brake light. Fortunately, there are options to add more height to the third brake light, which will help you to be seen better.