Replacing the battery in your 2015 Jeep Cherokee key fob

Replacing the battery in your 2015 Jeep Cherokee key fob

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob Battery

If you have a 2015 Jeep Cherokee, you know how much it helps when you can access and lock your car with the tap of a finger. However, the convenience that comes with this feature also presents a downside: you’re essentially trusting your car to a tiny device that requires frequent battery maintenance to work. Fortunately, changing the battery in your key fob is an easy process; all it takes is some steady fingers and about five minutes of time to complete. Fortunately, replacing the battery in your key fob doesn’t require any tools or knowledge beyond what every driver knows: don’t press on the brakes and gas pedals at the same time. It would be nice if every vehicle made it as easy as changing its batteries – but unless we start seeing more cars like this Cherokee, we’ll just have to stick to changing their batteries instead.

Step 1: Finding the battery compartment

The first step before attempting to change the battery in your 2015 Jeep Cherokee key fob is to locate its battery compartment. The battery compartment should be in a small, rectangular box located within the fob itself; if you’re having trouble locating it, try pushing the two buttons on the key fob at the same time to illuminate the button. The battery compartment should have a small latch on the side that you can use to open the box. The battery compartment should also be clearly labeled so you can tell that it’s the battery compartment, not some other compartment or slot within the key fob that’s meant for something else. If you can’t find the battery compartment, or you’re having trouble opening it once you’ve located it, you might want to take your Jeep to a mechanic.

Step 2: Removing the old battery

To remove the old battery from the battery compartment of your Jeep Cherokee key fob, first open the compartment and remove the battery. Then, press the two buttons on your key fob at the same time to get the battery to drop out. Finally, you can replace the old battery with a new battery by dropping the new battery into the compartment. Note: The type of battery required for the Jeep Cherokee key fob varies depending on the year of the car. If you’re unsure of which battery to use, check your car manual or consult with a mechanic to help you find the right one.

Step 3: Installing the new battery

Once you’ve removed the old battery and replaced it with a new one, you can close the battery compartment and start using your key fob like normal. You may notice that the key fob takes a little longer to unlock your car or open the doors from inside the car, but that’s normal: the battery will take a while to charge up and reach the same level of power as the old battery. Note: If you don’t want to wait for the battery to charge, you can also plug in the key fob and use it immediately. The next step is to reset your key fob so that you don’t have to replace the battery again in the near future. Press and hold the two buttons on your key fob at the same time until the buttons start flashing. Once they do, let go of the buttons and wait for the key fob to stop flashing.

The final step: Resetting your key fob

After you’ve installed the new battery and reset your Jeep Cherokee key fob, you should be good to go for another year or so. Since the battery in the key fob is what activates the car’s engine, you may want to take a minute to test your key fob to make sure it’s working correctly. If you have any issues with your key fob or you’re still unsure of how to change the battery in your key fob, you can always contact a mechanic or tow truck company to help you out. That said, you should be able to complete the process on your own after reading this article. Remember: don’t press on the brakes and gas pedals at the same time, keep your hands on the wheel, and you’ll get there just fine.