Jeep Renegade Third Brake Light Cover

Make Your Jeep Renegade Street Legal With a Brake Light Cover

You can add a brake light cover to legalize your jeep renegade street. This small piece of equipment fits around your light’s 155mm diameter and snaps into a slight recess. Different types of light covers are available for different looks.

LED brake lights

LED brake light covers for Jeep Renegade are a great way to update your Jeep. Not only do they look good, but they also help you stay street-legal. They fit around your vehicle’s 155mm diameter light bulbs, snapping into a slight recess in the housing. LED brake lights are rated with accurate lumen figures, making them a perfect upgrade for your Renegade.

Correct emitter color

When purchasing replacement brake light bulbs for your Jeep Renegade, selecting the correct emitter color is essential. Although your vehicle may come with standard halogen bulbs, the right emitter color will increase the brightness of your lights. The accurate emitter color is red. This will allow you to have maximum output.

To identify the correct emitter color for your Jeep Renegade brake light bulbs, ensure the brake light switch is seated securely. You can check this by pressing and releasing the brake pedal multiple times. If you have to replace more than one light bulb, you may need to use dielectric grease.