Adding a Jeep Wrangler 3rd Brake Light

If you want to add a third brake light to your Jeep Wrangler, you can purchase a factory one with an extension bracket. These will allow you to connect them to the existing brake light wire, and you’ll have to click the positive wire first.

Rough Country’s 3rd Brake Light Extension Bracket

Rough Country’s 3rd brake light extension bracket allows you to move the third brake light above an aftermarket tire and wheel carrier. This will enable you to keep the light visible even with up to 35-inch tires on the rear tire carrier. The JK’s factory third brake light is currently mounted above the stock 5th wheel. The bracket will stay above the rear tire carrier and be visible when turning the vehicle.

The 3rd brake light on a Jeep Wrangler JK is designed to be visible above the fifth stock wheel, but many drivers decide to upgrade their tires and wheels. Often, these upgrades can block the 3rd brake light. Furthermore, some states require drivers to have the third brake light in clear view. The 3rd brake light extension bracket helps to eliminate this problem.

Rough Country’s Spare Tire Brake Light LED Ring

Adding a bright ring of torch-red LEDs behind your spare tire can give you peace of mind, whether navigating dark corners or through the snow. And since it works with all Jeep models that feature a five-lug bolt pattern, the Third Brake Light LED Ring is designed to be functional in all weather conditions.

Jeep Tweaks’ 3rd Brake Light Guard

Jeep Tweaks’ Third Brake Light Guard is a unique accessory for your Jeep. Made of 5052 aluminum with a durable black powder coat finish, it protects the brake lights without compromising visibility. It is universally compatible with the 2007-2018 JK Wrangler models. It installs easily with double-sided tape and is made in the USA.

This Jeep Tweaks’ Custom Third Brake Light Guard is available in several colors and is reversible. It is made from CNC-machined aluminum with a black or silver finish. It is easy to install and will protect your lights from damage in any environment. It will also not interfere with your taillight visibility.

Factory 3rd Brake Light

The factory Jeep Wrangler 3rd Brake light has an incandescent bulb that takes a second or two to come on. An LED upgrade provides a much faster response and can alert other drivers of your sudden braking. It also adds a sleek, modern look to your Jeep. However, different trim levels have different third brake lights, so double-check which is correct for your Wrangler.

To make the third brake light work properly, you should install it higher than the stock wheel. This is possible if you have a giant spare tire or a larger wheel. However, check that your Jeep complies with your state’s safety regulations before upgrading your vehicle’s third brake light.

Aftermarket options

You have many options if you have a Jeep Wrangler and need a new 3rd brake light. Aftermarket options are available for both the JL and the Unlimited. While the factory light is still the best option, you might consider an LED version. These are more durable, last longer, and look much better than the stock light.

You can also get Third Brake Light Spacers to raise your Jeep’s third brake light. This can help you better see behind you and improve visibility for other drivers. Another option is an LED 3rd brake light for TJ and JK models, which replaces the factory spare tire mount and comes with super-bright LEDs.