2018 Jeep Compass Park Brake Automatically Engaged 

2018 Jeep Compass – Why is the Park Brake Automatically Engaged?

One of the most annoying features of a 2018 Jeep Compass is that the parking brake automatically engages unless you manually release it. This problem can happen for various reasons, including water intrusion. If your vehicle has this problem, here are a few things to look for.

Failure of the parking brake switch

The parking brake switch is a simple two or three-way switch that controls the activation of the parking brake. The switch can fail in many ways, but it most commonly fails due to constant use and moisture from windows. A failed parking brake switch can cause a warning message to appear on the instrument cluster, and it can also cause the parking brake to be engaged but not released.

This failure may be caused by corrosion on the parking brake switch’s terminals. To inspect the switch for corrosion, remove the interior trim panel. Next, locate the connector pigtail that goes to the parking brake. The yellow and orange wires should be twisted together at the same rate.

Depending on your vehicle, you may have to remove the brake pedal assembly and trim panel to access the parking brake switch. Using a non-marring pry tool, remove the trim panel to access the switch. Next, remove the electrical connector and replace it with the new switch. Remember to clean the connector before installing the replacement switch. The repair of this electronic part may cost hundreds of dollars.

There are many causes for the failure of the parking brake switch. Some of the most common are wiring problems or an open fuse. Alternatively, the failure may be the result of a mechanical problem or a problem with the parking brake support. Either way, it’s important to seek professional assistance to determine the cause of the failure.

If the parking brake switch in your 2018 Jeep Compass does not work, you’ll need to replace it. You’ll need to pull a relay or fuse. You’ll also need to open the rear door so that you can remove the parking brake actuator. The actuator housing houses the motor, transmission, and force sensor. The force sensor is part of the control unit software. When the parking brake is engaged, the parking brake switch will illuminate the instrument panel.

If you cannot see a signal on the dashboard, you may have a faulty parking brake switch. Before you replace the parking brake switch, you need to test the wiring. To do this, use a voltmeter to check for electrical resistance. If the voltmeter does not register 12V, the parking brake switch is bad and needs to be replaced.